Benefits Of Postnatal Massage

Having a baby, be it a normal delivery or a cesarean section, is just as stressful and painful, and there are lots of things that will ensure you give birth in the safest way possible. The body is changing and just like receiving a massage during pregnancy, it needs to be massaged after giving birth.

Most experts offer daily massage sessions for about 40 days after delivery for mothers, who need to normalize the body, along with its preparations for feeding the baby. When using postpartum massage, you only need to use it by experienced professionals who have relevant practical knowledge and experience. You can also frequently ask questions on postnatal care services from


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Massage after delivery

You experience reduced stress – Birth is not only fun but also stressful. Attending regular massages at this stage will help you get rid of anxiety and depression while enjoying the gifts you receive.

There are pain relievers – breastfeeding and holding the baby tend to increase body pain when the baby is born. Participating in a postpartum massage from a person doing trigger point therapy can relax the muscles and relieve the tingling sensation that keeps the legs or arms upright.

Prevents Body Swelling – It is known that most women have problems with water retention in their bodies during pregnancy as it causes swelling of the legs and other parts of the body. During the daily massage, excess fluid is removed from the body along with the release of toxins in the body.