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An electronic cigarette vaporizer, commonly known as an e-cig or e-cigarette is a quirky battery-powered device used by smokers to fulfill their urge of smoking. People who have a habit of puffing cigarettes one after the other should consider switching to e-cigarettes, as this will help them avoid a slew of serious diseases and maladies.

Electronic cigarettes are believed to be safer than regular traditional cigarettes as they have a unique feature in them, which helps to convert the liquid nicotine to mist. In short, this vaporizing device stimulates the feeling of inhaling nicotine, without kindling the squashed tobacco leaves.

However, it has not been totally proven whether these vaporizers are completely safe or not, but gasping its vapor has been certainly proved to be safer than the usage of the regular ones. You can look for the best portable vaporizer online via

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This is because the biggest danger from the inhalation of traditional cigarettes is that they burn the nicotine present in them. This burnt nicotine is immensely perilous for the smoker's health: Whereas electronic cigarettes simply convert this nicotine to vapor form, which is hundred percent safe for inhalation.

Most electronic cigarettes are cylindrical in shape and trigger up automatically as soon as the user takes a puff. They are also available in different other designs that can be puffed only by pressing a small button manually. 

These vaporizers are easily available in the marketplace these days, if you are looking to buy one, you can search for them over some online stores that are trading in all sorts of vapory products.