Choose Best Pre Insulated Duct System For Your Property

Pre-insulated foam-based ductwork is a revolutionary alternative to traditional sheet metal. Its exceptional technical and structural properties make it an excellent choice for ductwork of different dimensions and shapes. It can be used in offices, hospitals, and public buildings. 

These cutting-edge systems include coupling systems, fabrication methods, and high-performance panels. They also offer a complete line of accessories that can be used to create pre-insulated rectangular HVAC conduit work.

Pre-insulated ducts offer both thermal and acoustic benefits without the need to use traditional metal ducts. There are many air conditioning ducting supplies & duct systems available in the market.

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The glass wool duct board improves sound absorption and thermal insulation, which can be used to reduce the need for additional insulation after the duct is constructed. You can choose from a variety of duct boards that are ready-faced on both sides for self-supporting systems.

An aluminum foil facing is used to reinforce the external face of the duct. This prevents vapor from entering the duct. The inner face of a duct that comes in contact with the airstream is made from a surface with aluminum, fabric, glass, or mat facing depending on the duct's requirements.

Pre-insulated ducts offer many benefits. They have a stronger fiber network, are more resilient to dirt and dust, and it is less itchy. It also operates quietly and is non-corrosive. It does not encourage mold growth.