Different Types of Enclosures for Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is almost a necessity. Since summers are long, hot, and humid, it makes sense to be able to cool off at any time. The only problem with the pool is you are still outside where insects are never far away. 

The solution is simple. Pool enclosure companies can help you get the most out of your pool by checking them out. You can consult an agency to install a pool roof via https://www.coversinplay.com/blog/retractable-roof-enclosure-over-your-swimming-pool/.

Here are the 3 most common types of pool cover.


This type of roof is the most popular choice for covering a swimming pool. The eaves are flat in the center but tilted to one side. The biggest advantage of the mansard roof is that the pool area feels more open and spacious.


The curved roof makes your pool cage look like a dome, as the name suggests. All sides are slanted towards the central apex. However, the slopes are very gradual. Indeed, the dome roof has a very interesting architectural design. It gives your pool a majestic feel. The domed roof is ideal against wind and storms.


The gable is the most popular roof construction for residential buildings. Also known as an A-frame roof because it has two slanted sides that form a triangle. The best thing about raising a gable over your pool is that it can stand on its own and doesn't need to be attached to your home.