Fine Wine a Delicious Investment

Fine wine is a good investment and a fun pastime. It doesn't matter if you buy wine to collect or to enjoy, wine shares similar characteristics to fresh food. Wine must be properly cared for and nurtured. It is crucial to have the right environment for wine storage. This can be a daunting task for someone who is new to the wine aging process.

To help those new to wine investment or those just keen to know more, wine storage experts have put together their tips to ensure that your wine ages perfectly.

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This is the most important thing to remember when the wine is stored for extended periods. It is important to keep wine at 24 degrees Celsius for short periods of time as it can cause wine oxidization and spoilage. The ideal temperature for a variety of wines is 12 degrees Celsius. While it won't harm the wine, it will slow down its aging process.

The wine is forced through the cork when the temperature rises. Conversely, drops in temperature cause air to be sucked back inside the bottle. Consistency is very important. Over-breathing can lead to premature aging of wine if there are more temperature changes. Slow changes should be made, with fluctuation of no more than 1.6 degrees Celsius per day. This is especially important for red wines as they are more susceptible to temperature-related problems than white wines.


Avoid direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting. Wine can be 'light struck' if it is exposed to ultraviolet rays. This is more common with sparkling and white wines. It can leave a bitter taste and an unpleasant 'wet wool-like aroma. However, UV rays can also penetrate dark bottles to cause the wine to be damaged. We recommend that you wrap your collection in a cloth or place it in a container if you're unable to keep them out of direct sunlight.