Free Automation Tools For Mobile App Testing

Mobile technology is the new game-changer in technology and people love it. There are millions of mobile apps available on the app stores. This article will discuss the top automation tools that can be used for android UI testing and IOS applications. 

The tools below are all free and extremely useful for mobile applications:


This tool is mostly used for the iPhone and iPad apps. It records all actions and can be run at any time. This tool has many features, including code generation options that are optimized for both the iPhone and iPad. 


This tool can also be used to create iPhone applications. It provides the canvas that allows you to test the design. This tool is extremely useful for developers who wish to create a website 320*480 on iPhone.

DotMobi Emulator

This is a web-based mobile website testing tool that allows one to see how the website looks across different devices. It allows you to see how a website looks on different devices.

Android SDK Emulator

This tool is very popular and allows you to create a virtual device from your smartphone. This tool allows the developer to test an android app on the computer using out and device.

So, these are some useful tools for mobile applications.