Important Drag Racing Driveshaft Criteria

Drag Racing Driveshaft Selection is affected by many factors. These factors include weight, critical speed, and strength. Every application is unique so it is important to consider the specific requirements for each application before choosing the right drag racing driveshaft. These are the most important factors to ensure reliability and the highest performance.


Consider the strength of the drag racing shaft. The driveshaft must be strong enough for the added power and weight of a car. The car's weight is an important consideration when choosing a driveshaft. Online research can help you find the best drag racing driveshaft.

drag racing driveshaft

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No matter the material used, increasing the drive shaft's diameter will increase its strength. An increase in the driveshaft's diameter from 3" to 4 inches will increase its strength by approximately 80%. Later, we will discuss the other benefits of increasing diameter.

Drag racing uses the 1350 or 1480 series u-joints. M-W offers both. They offer the best combination in strength, precision, weight, and balance. They are suitable for all classes, pro-stock and professional.

1480 joints can only be used in heavy-duty applications. These joints are used primarily in Pro Mod and other high power classes, particularly when tire shaking is an issue. U-joints are often considered to be the weakest component of the system.

Critical Speed

Critical speed is a condition in which the driveshaft's natural frequency and its rotation speed are equal. These vibrations can cause the driveshaft's failure by multiplying and eventually causing it to fail. When considering a driveshaft, it is important to make sure your car can run at speeds below the critical speed.