Overview of Bradford Points Calculator

The Bradford Factor Calculator can be used to calculate staff absence totals, and to assign a weighted faculty attendance rate. Managers and executives can use the Bradford Factor to evaluate individuals in their divisions and compare relative attendance ratings.

This simple Bradford Factor calculator outputs the measured absence score using the Bradford Factor algorithm. This is beneficial for any organization to keep a record of their employees. You can also check the Bradford point calculator from the link https://scheduleleave.com/bradford-factor-calculator.

What is the Bradford Factor?

The Bradford Factor allows corporations to assign a relative weight to unplanned absences (illnesses, poor health, etc.). The Bradford Factor is based on the belief that multiple absences can have a greater impact on operations than long-term sickness or sick leave.

Employers can face significant difficulties if short-term absences occur without notice. It can be difficult to fill important positions at the last minute, especially if the employee is an SME (Subject Matter Expert), in a particular subject or field. Temporary movement of contractors and faculty can often make it easier to manage long-term absences.

Most businesses use the Bradford Factor to gauge their business's performance. However, it does not account for certain health factors like disability or recurring illnesses that cause multiple absences over a long time.

Why should businesses use the Bradford Factor?

The Bradford Factor is used by businesses to calculate a weighted measure of absences from staff that accounts for recurring absences as well as absence durations.