Polishing Concrete For Low Maintenance Floors With Superior Durability

Polishing concrete gives the most durable finish for all concrete decorative. It's typically employed on industrial floors however, it is now becoming more popular for retail, commercial, and even flooring for residential properties. There's a common misconception about "polished concrete". The concrete isn't polished; the final result is a high-gloss similar to polished surfaces. This is a process of grinding concrete in several stages.

Concrete polishing is similar to the process of finishing wood. Wood is finished with sandpaper of coarse grit and gradually moves towards fine grit paper until you attain the desired level of smoothness. Polishing concrete requires diamond-impregnated wheels pads and discs that are employed in a series of coarse grit up to fine grit. The results of polished concrete in Gold Coast is a smooth and high-gloss flooring.

Polished Concrete Floors

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After the surface layers are shaved off, the aggregates of the mix will be revealed. Based on how far the grinding is, the final floor will show the sands as well as some larger, pea-sized aggregates with variations across the floor. 

During the process, the use of densifiers or hardeners may be used to help strengthen the cement matrix that is between the aggregates. They react with lime-free which forms the form of a gel. The gel will eventually solidify to fill in the capillaries and pores within the concrete. This enhances the concrete's strength and density as well as its impermeability.

The most appealing aspect of polished concrete would be the prospect it is a floor that needs minimum or any maintenance. Polishing eliminates the need for high-end sealers, coatings, or waxes. The dusting problem is gone and cleaning of spills and debris is simple.