Why Employers Should Promote Vanpooling

With the increment in the gasoline price, the practice of vanpooling is becoming increasingly common. 

Newspapers and magazines are full of articles about – and radio and television stations are full of advertisements and other discussions about – the benefits of vanpooling for travelers. You can also look for the best car pooling in South Florida for your daily commute.

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These benefits include the ability to employ workers over a wider geographic area, quieter and more relaxed workers, and less demand for parking. Workers consider many factors when choosing a job, including the time and cost of commuting to work. 

By sharing daily trips with one or more employees, travel costs are drastically reduced. While travel times to work may not change, drivers who were previously self-driving can now use their commutes to sleep extra, work, catch up, or simply relax and listen to music.

Drivers are less stressed than driving alone as they no longer have to deal with traffic and remain alert during daily commuting. The fact that they are saving money also helps reduce stress. 

Knowing the benefits of vanpooling, what can employers do to encourage vanpooling? There are many travel sites out there – some would say too many. 

To make vanpool compatibility more likely, it is important that as many employees in an area register on the same website as possible. Employers can help by offering websites for employees to use.