How To Repoint An Existing Brickwork Wall In A Home In Sydney

The pointing in brickwork takes place across the joints both horizontally and vertically. In older or existing walls, the pointing could chip away or break down. The mortar joints may be damaged and stretched.

This can be rectified by repointing the brickwork. You can get done the brick repointing in Sydney via

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This should be done cautiously to avoid harming the walls. The cracked and dried mortar that has accumulated in the joints must be removed with care. It is best to make use of a grinder for this task.

When repointing the brickwork any damaged units must be removed. So that you can ensure the completed job looks great. The mortar mix employed should be at a proportion that is one component cement to two components sand.

Because this is a repetition and repeated process, the sand needs to be filtered through gauze wire to ensure it is very fine. The brickwork wall that is in place should also be examined for any other issues before chipping any loose mortar. This could include horizontal or vertical cracks.

Repointing begins by taking out the mortar that was used with the help of a grinder or chisel. It is usually done in a one-half to three-quarter inches deep. It is essential to ensure that cracks in mortar are removed and then brushed away.

The mortar is let to spread over the wall of brick. A hand-broom is used to clean the mortar that is not needed. The process is repeated over the entire wall. Once the wall is finished, it is sprayed with water after 24 hours for a week.