Different Covid-19 Antibody Tests as well as their accuracy

Corona Antibody Testing in India has extremely high sensitivity and specificity. Additionally, they show excellent accuracy and are expected to predict results when administered at least 3 weeks after the beginning of disease or vaccination.There are two kinds of Corona Antibody Testing in India to determine whether a person has developed antibodies to the virus. Get in touch with the best coronavirus testing lab and get COVID testing from LabElite.

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Spike Protein IgG Antibody Test

IgG Covid Antibody test is a test that detects IgG antibodies that are produced when someone receives a vaccine or is infected by the virus Covid-19. The test proves that the individual has developed antibodies that protect against a serious covid-related infection.

Spike Protein IgM Antibody Test

IgM Antibody is known to remain in human cells for weeks or even months after the onset of infection. This antibody's persistence is believed to be less than IgG. If an IgM antibody is found it indicates a recent infection.

Does a positive test mean That You Are Immune To viruses?

This is a crucial issue that research teams are working to solve. For some illnesses having antibodies indicates that you are protected or protected from future infections. It means that your body acknowledges the virus and will fight off the infection if the virus is introduced again.

Vaccines are inactive or weak elements that are a pathogen. Vaccines aid in creating immunity and also the production of antibodies. Tests for Covid-19 antibodies also known as serology tests, are utilized to identify what IgG as well as IgM proteins produced in the body's immune system.

However, sometimes the immunity may diminish with time. Additionally, research is currently underway to determine whether the coronavirus-specific antibodies could help you avoid the more serious case of Covid-19.