All About The Domestic Violence

Household violence is a problem that permeates all sectors of society. Regardless of income, race, or location, statistics show that violence is a common component of many intimate relationships. If you are in a relationship and an important person has used violence, you need to delete yourself from the situation and file to the protection command against the perpetrator. 

If you have children, maybe for their interest to prevent your important people from visiting. You can also hire a criminal defense domestic violence attorney for your issues.

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According to statistics collected from the research center of national domestic violence:

o Women accounted for 85% of victims of intimate pair violence, a man around 15%.

o It is estimated that between 960,000 and 3 million incidents of violence against couples, girlfriends, or boyfriends today occur every year.

What is violence?

Many people are not aware of the type of behavior that can be considered violence. It might be surprising to learn, for example, psychological abuse is considered violence. The law recognizes all the following actions as a form of domestic violence.

Physical harassment – unwanted physical contact, such as pushing, hitting, punching, slapping, etc.

Psychological Harassment – This is a broader violence category that includes verbal threats, intimidation tactics, manipulation, isolation, and brainwashing.

Divorce and protection

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you need the help of skilled divorce lawyers who can ensure your safety and your children by submitting a protection order.