Types Of Google Ads

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click marketing tactic that places ads or ads related to sponsored keywords on Google results pages.

There are currently four major pay-per-click marketing networks including Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook. Of these, Google AdWords has the largest market share. 

A well-structured google adwords help account can provide important information for your marketing decisions, e.g. For example, what keywords, campaigns, ads or landing pages lead to potential routes to your school. However, the most important aspect of Google AdWords is that you can track conversions (how often visitors to your website take the desired action). 

Image Source: Google

What that transformation is is entirely up to you and your marketing department. Conversions can be visitors filling out an information request form, subscribing to a monthly or weekly newsletter, etc. "Turning" visitors into potential customers is the goal of your pay-per-click marketing, making this information an integral part of your campaign as possible.

Here are the different types of Google adwords:

Search Campaign: With search campaigns, your ads appear not only on Google Search and Google Maps, but also on hundreds of other Google search partners, including Google Shopping and YouTube. When users search for keywords related to the keywords for your campaign on each of these sites, they will see your ad.

Campaigns on the Display Network: Display Network campaigns allow you to receive visual ads for people who use products on the Google Display Network, including Gmail and YouTube.

Video Campaign: Video campaigns promote your business through video ads shown on YouTube and other Google Display Network features.