Quick Guide to Implementing Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & BPM

Definition and Overview

Business Performance Management (BPM) establishes a framework to improve business performance by measuring the characteristics of the main business that can be used for feedback into the process of decisions and guidelines in an effort to improve strategic organizational performance. 

Other popular terms for this include; Enterprise PM (EPM), Corporate PM (CPM) Company Information System (EIS), Decision Support System (DSS), Management Information System (MIS). You can get the best services of BI Analytics that provides comprehensive business metrics, in near-real-time, to support better decision making.

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BPM: Cycle sets goals, monitors performance, and feedback to new destinations. Business Intelligence (BI) can be defined as a series of tools that allow end-users to easily access relevant information and facilities to analyze this to help decision making. Wider 'intelligence' is the insight that comes from this analysis (eg trend and correlation).

BI: Tools to access & analyze data

The main performance indicator (KPI) is a strategically harmonized corporate measure used to monitor, predict and anticipate organizational performance. They form the basis of every BPM solution and the ideal world must be possible to connect strategic KPI with actual operational performance in BI applications.

KPI provides rapid indications of organizational health and management of guidelines for operational areas that influence performance. In many companies, data analysis is possessed by the fact that fragmented data in business. This causes duplication problems, and inconsistent definitions, inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and wasted efforts.

Silos Data: Data department is fragmented, often synchronized with certain business areas. Warehousing data (DWH) is often the first step towards BI. The data warehouse is a structured centralized data set to facilitate access and analysis.