Soy Candles – The Healthy Choice In Candles In Australia

Carbon neutral, long burning, cost-effective, and biodegradable soy candles have been earning a lot of buzzes these days. With the existing issues on the harmful effects of petroleum-based candles on health and to the environment, soy candles emerged as the eco-friendly alternative to the usual varieties of candles.

As the name suggests, soybean wax is made from hardened soybean. Click this link right now to get the best soy candles online. 

After harvest, soybean oil is made from soybeans that are broken, peeled, and squeezed. The resulting oil then undergoes a hydrogenation process in which the unsaturated fat in soybean oil is converted into saturated fat (soy wax), making it suitable for candle making.

While some manufacturers will use additives such as paraffin to change the physical properties of soy wax, there are alternatives to candles that burn cleaner and longer without actual soot.

People have been looking for alternatives to paraffin wax in candle making for three very important reasons. First, they emit black smoke or soot, which contains carcinogenic toxins and elements harmful to health and the environment.

Second, the ever-increasing price of oil also makes paraffin or petroleum-based candles an expensive ingredient in making candles. We all have to remember that oil is a non-renewable resource, which means it is only available in very limited supply.

Third, in the face of concerns about the effects of global warming, paraffin candle lighting pollutes the premises. As a result, they all contribute to the already high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.