Quality Komatsu Service Kits at Affordable Prices

With the growth of construction projects across the country, the demand for heavy equipment and spare parts is high. Manufacturers strive to find and offer Komatsu spare parts of the highest quality, but we offer genuine parts and Komatsu parts. 

Manufacturers ship Komatsu parts worldwide every day. They process these parts for various Komatsu equipment. They may not be in your backyard, but we are always close. Wherever you are, they have many customers in the area who rely on us for all their Komatsu parts.

It's not enough to just find a cheaper part; Quality is important and cheap is not always cheap. You own the equipment, you've won a contract and now you don't have to worry about keeping your machine running for long. When it comes to your Komatsu gear, there's no better source.

They support some of the largest infrastructure companies worldwide by offering the widest range of Komatsu Aftermarket (CPP) certified parts for Komatsu Europe and OEM parts, from large engines to the smallest parts such as nuts and bolts. 

The proven Komatsu inventory meets the productivity recovery needs of machines to meet the needs of our customers worldwide. They do not allow weaknesses in our supply chain, which allows us to secure a strong reputation among customers. The mission is to compete based on the ideal quality and price.