Buy Transparent Face Masks

As we enter the third phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, donning face masks daily and covering up half our faces has, unfortunately, become the new normal. One particular segment of the mask-making industry, though, is offering a rather new experience. In place of cloth and surgical masks, they are promoting new versions that offer full views of our faces – in other words, transparent face masks. 

Designed with a transparent window over the mouth and nose area, this style of mask allows wearers to convey facial expressions and improve their communications. They also help them in staying safe. You can also buy these transparent face masks through

These masks have been promoted in many corners as particularly benefiting those in industries that require frequent face-to-face interactions, such as medical consultations and classroom lectures, and more importantly for those who rely on lip-reading and facial expressions for communication, such as the hearing impaired.

The transparent masks are composed of polymer fibers spaced 100 nm apart, which are small enough to filter out viruses and bacteria but large enough to let air through. Hence, it is always recommended to use clear face masks which can help you to remain safe as well as protected from viruses.