What Are The Advantages Of A Wireless Network In Singapore?

Wireless can enhance productivity and collaboration. Every minute counts in your business, and a wireless network is a powerful tool to boost productivity and promote information sharing. With untethered access to documents, emails, applications, and other resources, employees can roam where they need to and still have access to resources for getting the job done.

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Consider these advantages of a wireless network

Mobility and Collaboration: Stay connected as you navigate your entire workplace. Access to the latest communications and all documents and applications on the network, anywhere, anytime.

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• Accessibility: Provides access to your company's network even in hard-to-reach areas with a wired network, so your entire team can stay connected.

Scalability: Efficiently expand your network by adding new users and locations without running wires and cables.

• Guest Access: Give guest users, including customers and business partners, secure access to the network while protecting your network resources.

• Performance: Users connected to a wireless network can maintain a nearly constant connection to their desired network as they move from place to place. For companies, this means an employee has the potential to be more productive because their work can be done from a convenient location.

• Deployment: Initial setup of an infrastructure-based wireless network requires little more than one access point. Cable networks, on the other hand, have the added cost and complexity of actual physical cables running to multiple locations (which isn't even possible in hard-to-reach places in a building).