The Black Italian Truffles

Black truffle salt is a richly flavored sea salt mined from the high Alps. The black color of this salt comes from minerals in the crystals of hematite clay that have been ionized by an alkaline environment. This mineral content gives this salt its naturally rich taste. Traditionally, this salt was used as an important food seasoning, but today, many use it in their cooking as well. Some people even use it as an alternative to table salt when cooking for health reasons.

Natural sea salt with black truffle flavor is excellent when paired with fish, meats, and cheese. A wonderful complement to red meat, fish, and cheese entrees.

Please Note: NOT suitable for salt brines.

Grain Size: Fine (FINE). These fine grains are extremely delicate and may easily be destroyed by hot water or cold water. Try using coarse black truffles for these dishes instead.

Also Note: NEVER cook with this seasoning on fish that has a metalhead.

The texture of this seasoning is an earthy flavor with a slight hint of nutty overtones. To add more complexity to it, you can also buy Italian black truffle sea salt that has larger crystal sizes of minerals. The price is usually double the regular size. This is another great seasoning to try!

You can also add this seasoning mix to your baked goods or use it as a delicious popcorn topping. Try grilling with this blend instead of traditional salt, butter, and popcorn. For added flavor, sprinkle it on top of your baked foods or popcorn. For example, drizzle it over baked potatoes, chicken, and fish.

This is a unique way of using this salty seasoning without adding heavy fat or oils. Instead, you can grill your mushrooms and sage leaves until they are almost black. Then add the sea salt and let it sit for about ten minutes. This allows the flavors to meld together and enhances the crunchiness of your food.

Now here is a great way to enjoy your popcorn without all the fat and oil. Instead of using vegetable oil to grill your popcorn, you can melt unsalted peanuts and apply the salty flavored mixture to your popcorn. Wait until the flavor is fully absorbed before removing from the grill. This allows the wonderful smoky flavor to stay on top of your delicious popcorn.

You can also add this salty flavor to any recipe where you normally add butter or oil. Just remember to use the black salt sparingly, since it will take on the taste of the other ingredients. It is really great to experiment with different combinations of flavors. These are just some of the many ways that you can enjoy the wonderful taste of this salty and sweet treat.

Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt A perfect complement to tomato-based dishes, this tasty Italian seasoning is easy to add to any tomato-based dish and makes a bold and tasty accent. The flavor of the salt provides a deep and rich richness that is perfect for any pizza or pasta dish that you are making. You can sprinkle it on top of your baked potatoes or on top of your steamed broccoli. It is also perfect for adding to soups and stews, as well as on your grilled meat.

Another way to enjoy an Italian black truffle is by tossing it on top of your favorite salad. Salads are naturally high in antioxidants, helping to rid your body of free radicals that can cause damage to your health. By incorporating an Italian black truffle into your salad, you will be able to protect your cells from oxidative stress that can also cause cancer. Since it is high in iron, the iron will also serve as an antioxidant, helping to keep your arteries clean. Add this salty treat to your salad as a vinaigrette dressing, a garnish for your pasta sauce, or sprinkle it over the top of your scrambled eggs.

Black Truffle Salt Another great way to enjoy the Italian black truffle salt is by making a simple recipe with it. Using truffle oil to render a bit of the oil onto a dry piece of bread and then breading the truffle in place with a piece of cheesecloth is a very simple and easy way to add this tasty seasoning to your next meal. This breading method also allows you to use truffle salt instead of the regular salt since the truffle oil will penetrate better through the bread and give you a richer flavor. Once you have finished breads, spread the truffle salt over your next meal and enjoy a rich meal that will only enhance the flavor of the ingredients.

Black Truffle Sea Salt A unique blend of rock salt and minerals, this is one of the highest quality varieties of Italian black truffles. Made by hand from high pressure and heat oven-baked truffles, this salt is perfect for sprinkling on pasta sauce, scrambled eggs, or on just about any other dish. This unique blend is a combination of different minerals found in mineral pools all over Italy and is the result of years of scientific research. It's important to remember that the higher the quality, the higher the price. Fortunately, you get what you pay for when you make these truffles, which makes them a great buy.