What Is A Portfolio Management Service?

Portfolio management services are provided by corporate intermediaries to increase the value of clients' underlying securities. However, they are not an investment service, only playing an advisory role performed by a portfolio manager. Asset manager under SEBI provisions is anyone who manages, analyzes, or takes over the management of customer securities on behalf of SEBI.

Professionals have an ethical obligation to manage their clients' funds wisely and make sound decisions when selecting investment channels for their clients. Ultimately, it's about doing what the client asks of you with the portfolio, which in most cases means high returns or liquidity. If you're also looking to hire portfolio administration and management services in NZ visit Trustees Executors for professional services.

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There are basically two types of managers. They are discretionary and non-discretionary. In the first case, the investment is at the discretion of the portfolio manager. The customer plays no role and cannot intervene in the investment journey. The latter is just the opposite. Portfolio managers only provide advice to investors, who make the final decision.

While professional portfolio management may seem tempting and rewarding, serious consideration needs to be made. Using PMS can be expensive, and it is important to ascertain your long-term and short-term investment goals before committing to a portfolio management service.