What Is School-Based Physical Therapy?

School physical therapists are part of a group of related service providers that support students' ability to access their educational environment. They are specialists in movement and can help students participate in various settings during the school day. The school PT's primary function is to assist students in maximizing their educational program.

Medical based and school-based physical therapy are two different things. It is difficult to determine the need for each service. Outpatient physical therapy is usually provided in a hospital or clinic. You can find experts for physical therapy via https://cbayaquapt.com/locations/laurel.

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These services focus on quality of movement and function. The primary goal of these services is to improve the skill level and quality movement for children. Most medically-based services focus on the student's clinical deficiencies and physical impairments.

Schools provide physical therapy only if it is related to educational requirements. The school setting provides intervention and goals to address the child's needs for functional access to all school areas. Physical therapy interventions are intended to allow students to move around the school, participate in classroom activities, change their positions, manage stairs, bathrooms, and use the cafeteria. 

School-based therapies are not designed to address all student's therapeutic needs. However, they can help students move around the school environment and take part in classroom activities. They also assist with managing stairs, restrooms, and the cafeteria.

The scope of PT in schools can be varied depending on the student's needs. This can include:

  • Modifying the environment in order to increase participation (i.e. Adaptive seating
  • To maximize independence and success, it is important to change your expectations.
  • To increase physical participation, staff should be educated.