What Makes An Eco Friendly Product?

There are many products out there; from cars to light bulbs, which claim to be eco-friendly or less harmful to the environment. But since there are no hard and fast rules about what makes a product green or not, it can be quite difficult to distinguish between something that says it is green and something that actually is.

However, there is a good rule of thumb for them and four aspects that make up most organic products and checking them can give you an idea of whether the product you are looking at is organic or not. To find eco sustainable products, search online.

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What is the alternative?

Many items claim to be eco-friendly because they consume less energy than an alternative, but is this really what makes something greener? A car that uses a green fuel system may be more environmentally friendly than a gasoline model, but not if you could walk as easily to most of your destinations. So the first thing to ask yourself when looking for green products is: do I really need it?

Energy saving

Energy efficiency is a key aspect for an ecological product. Global warming and climate change are related to the CO2 that is expelled from our energy use. Reducing the energy we consume will benefit the environment, so any product that uses less energy than similar products (and you need it) will be more environmentally friendly. Energy-saving light bulbs, for example, produce the same effect as normal lighting, but consume a third less energy.

Sustainability and toxic materials

Another aspect of the green credentials of the products we buy is what they are made of. If something is not from a sustainable source or contains harsh chemicals or toxic metals.